Minimal style designed for your feet.
100% Vegan & ethical.

Timeless and minimalist, it doesn’t matter the season, it doesn’t matter the gender, what matters is that they adapt to you to wear them at any time and place.

Respecting values and processes.


What Our Customers Are Saying




El minimalismo más absoluto condensado en unas zapatillas color blanco con un diseño práctico, versátil y elegante que lo convierten en un producto eco-luxe sin género.

Incluye un segundo par de cordones naranjas.



Ethical Aesthetics

Harmonic Triad

Our designs reflect a balance between minimalist aesthetics, comfort, and ethical commitment, focusing on quality and sustainability. Transparency and responsibility are crucial to us, ensuring that each product not only meets high standards but also promotes a positive impact on the environment. Thus, we move towards a harmonious integration of fashion and ecological awareness.

Singular Ideal

Navigating a market where products combining minimalist aesthetics, durability, and ethics are scarce proves frustrating. The difficulty in finding footwear that meets these ideals highlights the need for a solution that harmonizes design, comfort, and sustainability. This challenge is not just a matter of style, but a call to authenticity and choosing products with a positive impact.

Less is more

At IMPERATIVE, we embrace the philosophy of Bauhaus: reducing to the essential to showcase the essence. Our shoes epitomize practical, minimalist, elegant, and versatile design. This eco-luxe, gender-neutral product is crafted for those who value timeless elegance and sustainable fashion.
We’ve created a design that transcends seasons, built to last. A design that highlights not what sets us apart, but what brings us together. These minimalist sneakers are perfect for any occasion and can be paired with any outfit.
Our core design features a distinctive V-shaped heel embossed with a linen texture, framing the brand’s orange embroidered I logo. This subtle embroidery is also found on the inverted V-shaped tongue, completing the sleek, unpadded look.
Discover the essence of minimalism with IMPERATIVE – where less truly is more. 


The benefits are very clear


Imperative stands out for its minimalist aesthetic, offering stylish sneakers that complement any outfit without overwhelming it. This design approach caters to consumer preference for minimalism, which values simplicity, functionality, and beauty in its purest expression.


Comfort is a priority in every Imperative design, ensuring that the footwear is not only aesthetically pleasing but also exceptionally comfortable for everyday wear. The brand is committed to combining material innovation and ergonomic design to provide a superior wearing experience that endures over time.



Imperative offers products designed with a deep awareness of sustainability, utilizing vegan materials and production processes that minimize environmental impact. This approach not only benefits the planet but also meets the growing consumer demand for ethical and eco-friendly products.


Style with Purpose

Faced with the search for footwear that combines comfort, style, and sustainability, many encounter the frustration of not finding durable and ethical options. Imperative offers a solution: sneakers designed with sustainability, durability, and unique design principles, aligned with your values. Our commitment is to provide you with footwear that respects the environment, ensures lasting comfort, and reflects a minimalist and authentic style.


Designed and produced in Spain

Our commitment to sustainability and efficiency is reflected in the location of our production and logistics. We design and manufacture our sneakers in the Valencian Community, Spain, and because our factory is located less than 70 kilometers from our main warehouse in Alicante, we manage to maintain a short and efficient production chain. 


This approach not only promotes local artisanal tradition but also significantly reduces carbon emissions associated with transport, ensuring that each pair of sneakers meets the highest standards of eco-luxury and conscious design.


We carefully select sustainable, high-quality materials to ensure each pair of shoes is not only comfortable and durable but also environmentally friendly. We collaborate with suppliers who share our dedication to ethics and sustainability, guaranteeing that our entire supply chain operates at the highest standards.

The material used in our shoes, BioGreen, features a foundational fabric composed of 14% recycled cotton and 14% recycled polyester of the total product. This innovative material is coated with renewable resins derived from corn waste, contributing to a more sustainable production process. With a total biomass content of 44%, BioGreen exemplifies our commitment to combining eco-friendly practices with high-performance footwear.

Our insoles are made from 60% recycled SEBS gel, enhanced with algae and stripped of plasticizers, providing unparalleled comfort. These insoles are lined with advanced microfiber technology in a vibrant orange, ensuring a firm, secure, and comfortable stride.

The sand-colored sole is crafted from natural rubber, offering both flexibility and resilience. This eco-friendly foundation supports your every step with grace and strength.

Every material in our shoes is certified by EUROFINS and REACH, guaranteeing breathability, absorbency, thermoregulation, hypoallergenic, antibacterial properties, and resistance to abrasion and tearing. The colors remain vibrant and unaffected by sweat, friction, or light, ensuring your shoes stay as stunning as the day you bought them.


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